The State of The Non-Unified Union

By | February 6, 2018

President Trumps State of The Union Speech

Based on the optics from President Trump’s State of the Union speech, it appears the likelihood of any agreement between the Elephants and Donkeys seems highly unlikely.  My guess is, because of their hostility toward one another they couldn’t even agree on something as simple as, which way the draperies hang in the Chamber to look best from a TV audience’s perspective.  Lets face it, they despise each other.  Or, or, is it all just an act, meant to fan the flames to pay homage to their respective bases?  If that’s the case, then it truly illustrates who has the power.  It’s not our representatives, it’s the fringe groups who lobby the representatives.  This months DACA lobby will be next months Infrastructure Alliance.

I’m sure there are members who despise other members, after all they’re people, with emotions, the ability to reason, and the capacity to be influenced.  This is understandable, after all its human nature.  But, why can’t they remove their feelings and make it about something more important, something bigger than themselves?  Donkeys have the capacity to appreciate an elephants company; in fact, I’ve heard of many expensive meals and over-priced bottles of wine being shared by members of opposing political parties.  So, do they really loathe each other as much as they lead us to believe, or do they just not talk politics over their Waygu filet, Lobster mac and cheese, and bottles of Gaja Barbaresco?

 The DC Chessmatch

My take is there are some on both sides of the Aisle, who do despise those on the other side.  Unfortunately, these people are in leadership positions and so therefore, they must control the optics for their party.  They strong-arm their party members to vote or not vote for certain bills, because doing so, would give the other side political momentum.  It’s a chess match, you see.  Both sides are guilty of this, it’s just that the Donkeys appear guilty now, because they’re in the minority.  It’s how the game of Washington Hot-Potato is played, but now, the media and Social Media in particular, use it very effectively, as a means of dividing us!

Back to the Issue of the State of the Non-Unified Union.  I wish they could all be adults about this; and start by doing things such as standing when a veteran is being recognized for his valiant combat, or paying tribute to the families who lost daughters at the lethal hands of the MS-13 gangs.  In the South we call this compassion, but down here we don’t get into all the Washington brinksmanship and party loyalty.  We Just go about our days, taking care of our families, businesses, and neighbors all the while thanking God we are able to do so.  It almost seems as if, loyalty to your constituents is a faded memory once you cross the 495 moat into the political cesspool, known as Washington DC.  But, maybe with an Administration focused on the forgotten, flyover citizens of this Nation, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

What say the Mugwumps:

So, what would the Mugwumps think of this out of control partisanship, and get-nothing-done representation we currently have in DC?   Well, the Mugwumps were not idyllic, and brain-washed by one party or another.  They had the ability to recognize a candidates strengths and weaknesses and impartially evaluate whether or not they would lead to a successful term.  Maybe it was because the Mugwump movement followed the Civil War; and because of stressful experiences resulting from the Civil War, they valued peoples ethics and integrity a little more so, than they do right now.  Living through the ravages of the Civil War, was bound to have a profound effect at softening people’s respect for one another.  People then, felt the fragility of life first-hand and because of that, I believe they demanded their leaders be of the utmost integrity.  If not, they we unafraid of any consequence of leaving their party for the one whose leader was of higher moral character.  My hope is that we don’t need a civil war to ‘adjust our priorities’, and that we can one day have a Mugwump resurgence without one.


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