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By | October 1, 2017

The Founding Fathers knew the objective was to protect Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom are the bedrock of what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they created this Nation.  The War of Independence allowed us freedom from the shackles of British rule, but that freedom came at an enormous price in the form of lost lives, along with property and psychological carnage.  Freedom allows us to speak our mind, to peaceably assemble, and YES, even to own a gun.  The Founders worked to create a government strong enough to protect its citizens complete personal liberty.  However, the Founding Fathers didn’t agree on much when constructing the Constitution. They had many nasty disagreements, the likes of which would rival the Chuck Shumer/ Ted Cruz Senate floor of today. But, in the end, they came together for the good of the country and instituted something that worked for everyone. And best of all the entire ‘set of rules’ can fit in your coat pocket.

Nowadays, ask someone to define 5 freedoms they have and I’ll bet many will struggle, because it’s hard to put a finger on something so abundant.  In North Korea for instance, it would be just the opposite, you’d be able to define what few freedoms you have, and struggle with things you’re forbidden from doing.  There is a reason why people from all around the world will risk life and limb to make it to this country.  I’ve never heard stories of people hiking across the Chihuahuan Desert to reach the Rio Grande, so they can swim across to freedom… in Mexico.  Its just not happening!

Freedom isn’t free, as was mentioned by what was lost in the War of Independence.  Liberty and Freedom is also, constantly in need of defense.  Since tax reform is in the news these days I’ll use taxes to illustrate my example of why defending our freedom is a constant battle.  I am Pro-Life, I feel society needs to protect the lives of the unborn.  In my eyes, life begins at conception and there’s no difference in a baby at 2 weeks old as there is in a baby at 40 weeks.  The only difference is whether we define him as an embryo or a fetus, but bottom line…He’s a human being.  And that innocent human life deserves our protection.   So, while Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion, the Hyde Amendment made it affordable.  Its hard to believe but at least 17 states and local governments, because of the Hyde Amendment, now allocate your taxes to fund elective abortions.  So yes, this is a the federal government giving us the proverbial middle finger.  While they do that, the other hand reaches into our back pockets and pulls Benjamin’s out, one after another. .

Bottom line is; while you think your granting a freedom by allowing someone the option to have an abortion, your taking someone else’s freedom away when you force them to pay for it.  I’m a fan of the government staying out the business of taking from one to give to another, Robinhood they aren’t!