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Homestead like the Mugwumps

The era of one-hour Amazon deliveries, grocery store curbside pickup, and abundant farmers markets, is in full swing, and doing rather well in the current economy.  However, this appearance of abundance may be giving us the misconception that food will always be so plentiful, and therefore making us more dependent on the “system”.  According to… Read More »

Purging the Roles of Inactive Voters | Fighting Fraud or Suppressing Turnout

Purging the rolls of Inactive Voters, is this Ohio’s way of disenfranchising voters? Ohio purging the rolls of inactive voters.  Is this a case of Buckeye State house-cleaning, or a sinister approach to disenfranchise a swath of voters who you claim is illegally casting votes?  You can bet the Elephants and Donkeys in D.C. will… Read More »

Tax Reform | Mugwumps Give It Two Wumps Up

Many of us are hoping tax reform will move from ‘talking point’ to legislative victory on the part of the ‘Elephants’ in Washington.  They say Elephants are extremely intelligent, but maybe they weren’t referring to those ‘Elephants’ who inhabit the right side of the aisle in Washington.  But anyway, we’ll see if they’re astute enough to… Read More »

Kneeling For The National Anthem | Is This The NFL’s Rosa Parks Moment?

How Kneeling for the National Anthem may have irreversible financial consequences Kneeling for the National Anthem, how did we get here?   Is it more evidence of the decay of morality?  Is it a subtle reminder of how morality, as we know it, has got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel?… Read More »

The Framers Created A Republic |And Warned…. If You Can Keep It

Beginning with the Beginning: When an anxious Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government he and the other Framers created, his immediate response was “A Republic, if you can keep it“!   What did he mean by that statement, “if you can keep it”?  Why couldn’t we keep it, wasn’t it ours,… Read More »